Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ravine House - Randolph, New Hampshire

The Ravine House (opened under the name "Mount Madison House" in 1876) was founded in 1877 by Abel and his son Laban Morrill Watson. [ For more on the Ravine House see Video in the July 12th post ]

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Mark said...


Terrific. Those oldtimers were really something. There weere still a few left in the 1940's, but not many.

The mountains were still there though, and for two summers I sang in the Bretton Woods Boys Choir, in a camp at the foot of Mt. Washington.Sany in all the hotels from Bretton Woods to Dixville Notch.

I'm not savvy enough to be sure how to get this comment to y ou, and as this is my third try you will have three comments to read if I ever get them to go through.

Mark Gulesian